About Us

Metalsmith General Engineering - Welding and Fabrication


 We believe that we can make a difference to your project what ever it may be. With over 23 years service to the UK Armed Forces we know how to perform and as such have a great proven track record and how we achieve this is by adopting the 3 T's

  • Training  -  Ensuring the next generation of highly skilled  welding engineers are prepared for the UK industry by offering apprenticeship opportunities in our local community. 

  • Trust - Building a mutual trust between us and our clients. So that you can rest assured we will  deliver the quality  you deserve on time and to budget.

  • Thoroughness -   Through due diligence and a professional approach to each and every task.

We back this up with the right approach, right attitude and a high level of trade knowledge, gained through years of hard work and tenacity.

"We will make a difference one weld at a time"

ISO 9001 Accredited